SssniperWolf's selfie (found because by my dear friend Google)

SssniperWolf is a YouTuber whose channel features... Well, a lot of stuff. She was born October 22nd, 1992, in England. She now lives in the USA. October 22nd, her birthday is the last day of the Libra star sign, if you believe in that sort of stuff.

Her heritage is Greek-Turkish, but in case you haven't seen her explanatory video, She speaks Arabic with Iraqi Accent and her name is an Iraqi Name.

She's currently single, because of the mysterious breakup with Evan Sausage (okay, it isn't that mysterious), but probably won't date you in case you were wondering. She's straight (or at least that's what we all think).

She claims that her real name is Lia Wolf, but she was actually born Alia Shelesh. She began playing video games when she was just six years old and her nickname SSSniperWolf originated from the character Sniper Wolf in Metal Gear Solid, which was one of her favourite games as a child.

She has two younger brothers and a younger sister (who she does a bunch of vids with).

She graduated from high school one semester early and then proceeded to attend a local community college. Apparently, she hated this, because of rude teachers, a lack of friends, and a bunch of guys hitting on her (we've all been there, girl!). She eventually changed to another college and studied as a pharmacist, but her loathing for chemistry didn't help. She changed to nursing, which didn't do anything, so she just dropped out of college entirely. So, basically, if you drop out of college, remember: you should become an amazing YouTuber. This will help.

It's assumed that she has up to two million USD, or even more, and I don't doubt this, because she apparently has a Mercedes AND Chevrolet. Wow.

Her height is 5' 4", and she weighs 114 pounds. She is thought to be Christian but nobody knows for sure. Her favorite TV channel is Cartoon Network. While she is best known for her YouTube videos, she also is very crafty and is good at hula hooping. She bought her first car at age 18.

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